Hot Metal Detector: The Way To Find Those Nasty Pipes

hot metal detector

Hot metal detectors are special tools traditionally used to locate the presence of metals in a given area. In this article, we’ll go over how to use a hot metal detector, the best places to look for pipes, and what to do if you find one!


The hot metal detector is one of the most popular detectors available on the market. It uses a magnetic field to detect any ferrous metals in the soil, which makes it ideal for locating copper and other metals in pipes.

To use a hot metal detector, you need to ground yourself and your detector. Choose a location where the pipe is likely to be buried, set up your detector, and turn it on. The magnet will start to circle around and will indicate when it has detected something. Keep an eye on the indicator light as you slowly move the probe over the area where you think the pipe might be. If you find what you’re looking for, congratulations! You have just located a nasty copper pipe!

How do Hot Metal Detectors Work?

Hot metal detectors use a coil of wire to detect the presence of iron or other metals. When an object with metal content is placed near the coil, it induces a current which causes the detector to ring. This ringing can be detected by a listening device that records the frequency of the vibrations and then plots it on a graph to produce an image.

The higher the number on the graph, the more metal there is in that area. By detecting different metals at different frequencies, Hot Metal Detectors can help archaeologists and treasure hunters locate valuable objects beneath the soil or water.

Types of Hot Metal Detectors

There are many different types of hot metal detectors on the market. So it can be hard to know what is best for you. Here are some of the most popular types:

An analog detector is a classic option that uses a metal detector coil to sweep over an area for objects buried underground. These detectors are simple to use and can be found at sporting goods stores or online.

The digital detector is similar to the analog model, but instead of using coils, these machines use electronic circuits to detect metals. Digital detectors are more accurate than analog models and often come with features like automatic target recognition and pinpointing. They’re also more expensive than analog detectors. But maybe worth the investment if you plan on using your machine frequently.

The waterproof detector is perfect for those who want to search for metals underwater. These machines have special chambers that allow them to detect even the smallest pieces of metal underwater. They usually have more features than standard metal detectors and tend to be more expensive, but they’re well worth the investment if you intend on hunting for treasure underwater.

Basic Use of a Hot Metal Detector

A hot metal detector is a great tool for detecting coins, jewelry, and other metals buried underground. The detector is plugged into an electrical outlet and heated by a light bulb. This heat causes the metal to give off electronic signals that can be detected.

To use a hot metal detector. First, find an area where you think there may be metal buried below the surface. Dig a small hole and place the detector in it. Turn on the power and wait until the detector begins to emit signals. If there is metal buried below the surface, it will produce a signal repeatedly.

If you have a problem with an old copper water pipe that seems to be corroding, your first step should be to consult with a professional. But if you don’t want to spend the money or time and just want to see if you can find the pipe yourself, a hot metal detector is the perfect tool for the job.

To use a hot metal detector, locate an area where there are likely to be piped. Park your car in a safe spot and turn off all the power to the area. Then take your detector and search around for any metal objects. That might be in close proximity to the corroded pipe. If you find anything, it’s best not to touch it – instead, take pictures or videos of the object so you can identify it later.

Companies that Make Hot Metal Detectors

If you’re looking for a hot metal detector to help you find those nasty pipes. Then you’ll want to check out these companies. Each of these manufacturers has developed its own unique design, which makes finding that elusive leak a breeze.

One of the most well-known brands in this category is Garrett GCI. This company has been around since 1978 and is known for producing high-quality detectors. They offer a variety of models, including the GTX, which can detect even the smallest leaks.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option. Then you should consider trying out secondhand machines from dealers or online auction sites. These machines tend to be less reliable but can still be very helpful when it comes to locating leaks.


If you have ever been in the market for a hot metal detector. Then you know that it can be difficult to find a good one. If you’re like me, you’ve probably gone through at least three different models before finding the perfect one for your needs. In this article, I’m going to teach you about some of the features to look for when shopping for a hot metal detector. So that you can find the right one for your specific needs.

If you’re having trouble finding those pesky pipes in your yard. It might be time to invest in a hot metal detector. These detectors are designed to find metals and other materials underground, so they can be really helpful when it comes to locating buried pipelines. Just make sure you know how to use the detector before heading out into the field. And be prepared for some exciting discoveries!

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