5 MacBook App Categories You Need to Think About

As a MacBook owner, you have access to a plethora of different applications on the official store. You can browse through various categories and pick from both free and paid applications.

In some cases, you might look at third-party resources (apps that are not on the official Apple store). As a rule of thumb, though, it is better to stay away from third-party apps because they are not as reliable as you might think. Even a single sign of shadiness should put you off from using such an application.

Having said all that, if you are still relatively inexperienced with macOS, it is possible that your computer is missing some applications.

Below is a list of Mac app categories that you need to think about to optimize your productivity and other aspects while using the device.

File Managers

Preview and other built-in tools that help you manage files are quite handy. Also, there are simple commands and shortcuts, such as renaming multiple files simultaneously or changing a folder’s account.

On the other hand, if you want to take care of other, more complex tasks, then built-in apps might not be enough.

It comes down to your needs. Whether you need to figure out how to erase an SD card on Mac or create complex directories and sort out files, then some applications that are not available by default on macOS should be taken into consideration.

Data Backup

Again, you can find a built-in tool, which is Time Machine. Keep in mind, though, that Time Machine does not offer that much by itself.

If you plan to back up data with it, then you will also have to invest in external storage accessories. Most commonly, hard drives are the go-to option. Rarely, you could also do it with a USB flash stick.

Both options have pros and cons, so it is up to you, really.

Now, while Time Machine is great, you can also take a different approach, which is backing up files in a digital cloud solution.

Services like Dropbox and iCloud, especially the latter, offer a simpler way to back up files. Perhaps one thing that might make you hesitate is the fact that you will need to pay a monthly or yearly fee to ensure that there is enough storage on your account. Nevertheless, considering how digital data backups are easier to manage, the money spent is well worth it.

Video Games

Entertainment is often overlooked among MacBook users. Apple computers are often associated with professionalism. Be it designers, bloggers, architects, or video editors, Mac is a great choice because of its reliability and access to various tools.

As far as entertainment on a computer goes, video games are often the associated pastime. Sure, there are alternatives, such as streaming (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc., also have apps on macOS, by the way), but video games are still the king.

There is one but, however. As already mentioned, Macs are tailor-made for professionals, so it is understandable why many video games are not really compatible with the operating system.

You need to look for video games available on the app store, specifically. Or, if you want, go through video games and find out which of them are compatible with macOS. As a last resort, there is also the option to try and circumvent the compatibility obstacle with various emulators and such, but those might be too much, particularly if you are casual.

Time Tracking

If you have to clock hours and track how much you spend on a particular task, then looking at the computer or smartphone’s clock will not cut it.

There are distractions that will make you lose focus and prevent you from tracking the time perfectly. 

It is recommended to use professional time-tracking tools so that you are less prone to errors. The next time you have to submit a report to your supervisor, you will rest easy knowing that the automation software took care of tracking the time.

Media Players

Streaming media, such as movies, TV shows, and music, is somewhat eliminating the need to have media play software on a computer.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of instances when you need to play a media file on the device. And without the right player, you will not be able to do it.

Ideally, a media player should support as many file formats as possible. But such an app does not really exist, which means that you will likely have to use multiple players to fill the gaps.


All in all, macOS has a wide range of applications, and you should find one for virtually every activity on your computer. 

One final thing to note, though, is that you should avoid overburdening the MacBook with too many applications. You do not want to end up with storage issues. Once an app becomes useless, do not hesitate to get rid of it.

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